The logic of a cybernetic Mirror human DNA

Mirror-DNA (2010)

Biological-cybernetics basic research of Atlas medicine showed repeatedly that the information processing and biophysical implementation of control commands in the left and right body half is only possible through a mirror- DNA.

                          Human cybernetic energy balance                                      Schematic representation of a balanced cell structur the left                         and right body half with the help of the mirror DNA 

For mobile organisms, nature has opted for dual asymmetric cybernetics. Already when the cell is divided for the third time a Mirror-DNA is created with opposing spin control signal, which determines the right and the left side of the body. 

                               Twin cell  with mirror- DNA

The construction of the cell structure and its energy supply and management mix vertical and horizontal information signals in the earth gravitational field. Acceleration and biological space location can only be managed by an asymmetric control-processor in the gravitational field on a dual basis. Through this arrangement internal and external signal-information-processing allows for comprehensive regulation.
With this perfect asymmetrical regulation technology, nature creates almost a mirror image in the construction of the cell with optimal biomechanics over nonmaterial control signal and biological cascade relay as a signal amplifier.

         Tetrahedral - Information - Signal- Network (TISN)

The cybernetic biological imbalance (asymmetry) of the two halves of the body is inherently energetically with a prescribed tolerance zone equipped. Only for undershoot this boundary line is the sick man.


The CHILD- SYNDROME from the perspective of human cybernetics:

The dominant and the sensitive half of the human body are bilaterally regulated by two autonomous programs of self-healing. The self-healing potential of the cell depends on the balance between the regulatory energy of the cell and the regulation program of the cell.
The biological cybernetic imbalance between the two halves of the body is natural. Nature provides for a certain biological room for maneuver regarding the regulation of energy. Only when this range is not maintained will the human body become sick.

The CHILD SYNDROME represents an extreme case of imbalance.


CHILD stands for "Congenital Hemidysplasia with Ichthyosiform Nävus and Limb Defects", Features of this syndrome are a one sided hypoplasy of the brain,the lung, the heart and the skeleton together with an ipsilateral inflammatory naevus of the skin. Only girls survive with this genetic defect.

Physical symmetry and psychic harmony of both asymmetric sides of the body are fixed in a biocybernetic program, which allows neither for 100% symmetry nor for 100% harmony but continuously aims towards them. This basic biocybernetic equipment is the condition for man to be able to localize himself and his environment in the gravitational space for reflectional survival.

For the first time the existence of an unknown energy regulation at the cellular level can be demonstrated by the PILSGLASEXPERIMENT* and by the proof of NONMATERIAL PROCESS OF REGULATION* *(patents pending), with a biologically active frontodual information field in humans. Both trials underpin indirectly that hydrogen as an interface of a non physical process can transform information signals into biophysical rotation-impulses.



The experiment described below shows in measurable results by means of temperature sensors indirectly such a nonmaterial process of regulation by body to body.


Experimental design


Profil of deep warmth under mono- and bimanual treatment



Deep warmth after monomanual treatment


Deep warmth directed towards after bimanual treatment.



infrared camera thermal imaging of the skin surface


Achieving a uniform energy distribution in the body is a central task of bio cybernetics. The experiment provided evidence of an externally control of energy distribution of living creatures to living creatures


Biologically anatomical examples:

The mirror image anatomy of labyrinth and cochlea of the inner ear show that control commands in opposite directions are necessary.

DNA blueprint
(dominant side of the body)
Right ear: labyrinth
and cochlea




DNA Mirror blueprint
(sensitive side of the body)
Left ear: labyrinth
and cochlea


(aus Sobotta- Becher 3.Teil)



DNA-cybernetic-kinematic- illustration

Does the DNA helix with its counter spin (rotation) represent a "gyrocompass" in terms of orientation, acceleration and regulation of the cell in the gravitational field?

BERLIN: 2009-02-22


" acknowledge, what holds the world together in its innermost..."


The counter-spin (rotation) of neighboring H-atoms
in the DNA chain hydrogen allows the physical
Information and signal implementation.

BERLIN: 2010-12-05

Control of a bipolar "quantum electrodynamic" system(2017)

LAST UPDATE: 2017-03-05

The Gecko technique a mirror DNA circuit?(2017)


The biocybernetic switching (dorsal /ventral) of a repulsive force field into an attraction force field of the geckos body, can be interest for medical Paraplegia research.

Example: Hypothesis of a DNA switch, which can choose between the attractive van der Waal force (signal input) and the repulsive Pauli force (signal output) (fig .:1).

Berlin 2017