Frontodual information fields

All organisms are work with a gravitational sensitive control, which is designed in its simplest form as a reflex zone.

Schematic representation of the biologically effective information fields from the example protozoa on the predator – booty model as a primitive location system, with a biodynamic "Bluetooth – zone"


at rest


booty                     predator


in interaction


escape reflex field       booty reflex field

booty                     predator


Illustration of asymmetry information fields
that are active at the biological level
( animal instinct in man )

Seen from above


Strong energetic information field


Weak energetic information field


The more dominant information field with the higher energy level is projected forward as shown. The more sensitive information field with its lower energy level surrounds the body. The size of the information field is decisive for the biological hierarchy.


Position-dependent-interaction between biological information fields

The illustrations show persons with energy fields of different strengths in various positions. The importance of not only frontal but also lateral positioning and the resulting impact is demonstrated.


The strong field from behind leads to a strengthening of the weaker (frontodual) information field .

2. Depression

In a frontal position the strong field leads to a further weakening of the weak frontodual field.

3.Hypnosis (working hypothesis)


As seen in this illustration the strong field,in a frontal position, is so dominant that the weak frontodual field is pushed back behind the thalamus.

4. "Cold Shoulder"


At a right angle position the strong field pushes from the side a weak frontodual field. If it touches the dominant side of the weak information field resulting in only a slight deflection, the cold shoulder.


Simply explaining these interrelations often eases the patient's symptons. For the patient causes and behavior patterns become understandable. This facilitates the coexistence of biological hierarchies and makes it possible to influence the potential for pain stemming from sensitivity.

For the first time the existence of energy regulation at the cellular level can be demonstrated by the PILSGLASEXPERIMENT and by the proof of NICHTMATERIELLEN STEUERPROZESSES* (non physical regulation process,* patents pending).

FIRST EDITION: 2002-10-10

LAST UPDATE: 2010- 03- 12