I would like to thank all of those who have over the years critically queried and discussed with me in all openness the results of my research on human cybernetics.
My special thanks go to

Don Friedman, Santa Barbara/Kalifornien, Dipl. Päd. Beate Ludewig, Berlin,
Dr.-Ing Manfred Pfeiler, Erlangen, Dipl. öcotroph. Bettina Reckter, Bonn,
Marty Niebel- Cossette, Bruessel , Dr. Gunnar Richter, Matthias Henke and Angelika Würzner, Berlin.


Don Friedman, Santa Barbara, Ca.


Since 1985, there is a repeated close cooperation with the Institute for accident analysis Xprts in Santa Barbara, California.


When Dr. Koerners accident advice for the Institute is especially crosslinked view of the engineer and medical demand


Don Friedman, the director of the institute, inter alia, was responsible for the engineering development


1953 Sidewinder missile

1965 unmanned Lunar Rover

1972 manned Lunar Rover

1980 Minicars Research Safety Vehicle, air bags, offset frontal impact and rollover occupant safety, and his most recent efforts in human safety research



Don Friedman

Dr. Ing. Manfred Pfeiler, Erlangen


1965 to 1995 Siemens AG - Siemens medical engineering others in this time


Head computed tomography product development and core spin resonance imaging


X-ray product development management, including the radiator and image amplifier development


Development of the shock wave lithotripsy

 First vital CT from 20.Mai 1974


Testsubject: Herbert Koerner


Dr. Manfred Pfeiler

Chiefengineer REG

Matthias Henke, Berlin


for the logo of the Atlas Medicine 
and assistance in building 
my first homepage 2002,


Dipl. öcotroph. Bettina Reckter, Bonn


Science journalist 

Editor for research, 
Medicine and Science in the Life 
VDI-News Düsseldorf - Homepage


Bettina Reckter

Dipl.päd.Beate Ludewig, Berlin


Swimming coach of the German national team 
at the Olympic Games in Sydney and Atlanta



2009: Federal Coach / Youth

Beate Ludewig 

Marty Niebel-Cossette, Brussels


for the German- English translation


Marty Niebel-Cossette

Dr. Gunnar Richter, Berlin


Dipl.- Sinologist


for the German- Chinese translation

Dr. Gunnar Richter 

Angelika Würzner, Berlin


for the volunteer staff  research


Angelika Würzner


Since 2007, I am responsibly as a webmaster. 

Herbert Koerner


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