The horizontally effective energy (tsunami potential) for centering the cylinder glass (Fig. T8) takes place via a tensegrity grid formation of the water molecules (Fig. T9) and is completely independent of the gravitational force, the earth's magnetic field and the electromagnetism.

The Tsunami potential with the example of a cylinder glass

The massive centering of the cylinder glass in a Pilsglas (Figures T1-T4), filled with 0.3 liters of water, at which the water level about 2 mm above the vessel edge (fig. 4), shows a smal impression, if the free energy inherent of a several 1000  square kilometer water volume breaks out, with a Increase in the water level about 500 mm (Figure T7) which can be activated by a sea quake.

The tsunami potential, a quantum electrodynamic Casimir force, which propagates over a hydrogen bridge tensegrity grid

A tsunami is apparently triggered, whenever the water level (Figure T7) at a critical altitude coincides with the formation of a distinct water-water boundary surface tension zone. This gravitational-independent energy potential can then spread unbraked in the ocean.The demonstration of the "Pilsglass experiment" are comparable.

Figure T5 is to show that even monster waves with an opposited wind direction to the Tsunami-RAK-wave, are simply undermined by it. The wind waves that develop on the surface are continually decelerated by the earth's gravitational force in the propagation, quite in contrast to the tsunami wave, which can spread unhindered.

If a tsunami announces itself, the water returns to several hundred meters from the coastal line. Here, the repulsive potential (Pauli force) pushes the attraction potential (van der Waal force) ahead(Figure T7) and thus follows the intermolecular interactions of the Lennard Jones potential. The cause of these forces is the subject of quantum mechanics.

Biology: Animals warn of tsunami

The Lennard-Jones potential and the interaction in the quantum electrodynamic cascading force, which align the water molecules in the air in a tensegrity grid formation, provide a physical explanation approach. The solar energy results in an increase in the attraction forces in the water molecules, which precipitate the cloud formation (with electrical charging) and at the end of the weather cycle as a rain  droplet.

This tensegrity lattice formation of the water molecules in the air offers itself as a powerful signal information system between the interfacial zones of water, via the water molecules in the air, towards living beings and vice versa.

Proof is published in the German Patent and Trademark Office under the title "Mechanical Signal Transmission System"

The Pilsglase experiment (Fig. 2) shows largely physical properties of the Lennard-Jones potential

Evidence in the VIDEO: in progress

The Lennard-Jones potential describes the interactions of two neutral particles.  At a simple level, two interacting neutral atoms are subject to two opposing forces: firstly, they are weakly attracted by van der Waals forces; secondly they are repelled by Pauli repulsion. It is known that the van der Waals forces decay proportional to the sixth power of the separation and that the effects of the Pauli repulsion decay exponentially.

VIDEO: attraction and repulsion zones in water glass in top view.


VIDEO :           1.13 min

Why the lamella gecko can run on the ceiling

The biocybernetic switching (dorsal /ventral) of a repulsive force field into an attraction force field of the geckos body, can be interest for medical Paraplegia research.

Like the trembling eel, which can generate current up to 200 volts up to 50 amperes over a head positive pole and a caudal minus pole outside its body, the lamellar gecko uses the same technique to increase its repulsive/attraction force field. As a result, it is possible to activate quantum electrodynamic Casimir forces in the interfacial tension zone (ceiling wall versus gecko feet, tail and belly side).

Neuropysiologically, however, is the central question as to how the gecko can switch the attraction and repulsion force during the running 
A very interesting subject for cross-cutting research!

In a publication of the OUP 2012 under the title:

The meaning of the atlas region from the view of applied human
cybernetics and its biomechanical stress and mechanism

 (H. Koerner1, C.-H. Siemsen2) 

I said to the dicussion:

"... whether a high-energy impact pulse in the lower vertebral segments,  a biocybernetic short-circuit, of the asymmetry energetic control system of the mirror DNA [1]of the left and right half of the body, a paraplegia can trigger...


"...ob ein hochenergetischer Stoßimpuls in den unteren Wirbelsegmenten einen biokybernetischen Kurzschluss auslösen kann, welcher die energetische Steuerungsasymmetrie der Spiegel-DNA [1] in der linken und rechten Körperhälfte mit einer kompletten Querschnittslähmung zusammenbrechen lässt." ...

Berlin 6. April 2017