Is the basis of microbiological cybernetics the water at the cell boundaries, which enables signal control functions in the body of living beings with a tetragonal repulsion attraction force field (RAF)?


For the table tennis ball experiment Fig.1 you need a large water bowl that is filled with water over the edge, two table tennis balls, an acrylic disc (50x70 cm), a plexiglass hemisphere (gastro cover) and a small stick. Everything is on a sturdy granite table.

Test procedure Fig. 1.1:

In this experiment, the observer changes position several times to the opposite side of the table behind an acrylic pane. The table tennis ball always moves in the direction of the observer, but is stopped approx. 1 cm from the edge of the glass. The reason is: the RAK potential of the edge of the glass and the RAK potential of the water interface of the table tennis ball repel each other. If the observer pushes the tennis balls away from him with a stick, they move back towards the observer after this push (human water column).

Test procedure Fig.1.2:

The experiment shows the observer's potential for repulsion. The repulsion force field in front of the hand of the observer pushes the table tennis ball only over the RAK potential of the water boundary surface.


pink: area of attraction (left and right body side)

blue: repulsion