Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social
well- being and not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity

This definition clearly states that health is not just limited to the mechanical functions of the body. However, on of this point opinions of experts from mainstream medicine and the alternative therapeutic field of treatment continue to differ. Mainstream medicine is confronted with the question why patients suffering from symptoms of chronic pain or from chronic psychosomatic alments increasingly seek out of help of the alternative therapists and healers of take advantage of the wide range of wellness products ant treatments for easing their pain. It is indeed mainstream medicine itself that- by denying the findings in the field of human cybernetics- opened of the field for dubious therapeutic "discoveries". Atlas medicine sees as its mission to prove the existence of phenomena and successful cures which until now could not be explained. Atlas medicine research seeks the explanations in an approach based on bio cybernetics. This approach interlinks biological cybernetics, bionics, neurophysiology, psychology and quantum mechanics. The therapy phenomenon is based on non material process of regulation.

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